Nate Dogg Does Time With 50, Finishes LP With Dre's Help

Rapper plays an inmate in 50 Cent's clip for '21 Questions.'

It's a good thing Chris Rock wasn't depending on Nate Dogg's $9 to help his latest film, "Head of State," reach #1 at the box office last week.

The crooning gangsta, who appears in the movie as a singing narrator, only just got around to finally seeing it.

"It was cool," the laid-back DPG member said on Thursday from Los Angeles. "It looks different seeing yourself on the big screen. They didn’t take too much of my stuff out. ... I was counting my parts, like, 'I wonder if they cut that out.' I was really myself in the movie, I felt like I was shooting a video. I didn’t really get a chance to show my acting skills, but one of these days I will.

"It was funny as hell," Nate added about his time on the set. "Chris and Bernie [Mac] are some funny cats. It never stops. If you don’t want to have a stomachache, don’t hang around them cats. It was funny, trying to act hard and laughing at the same time."

When Nate wasn't acting or laughing, he was macking. The Dogg met Rock's leading lady, Tamala Jones, on the set and the two are now dating.

"We was just hanging out in the same place, got to talking, found out we had a lot in common, and we started hanging out," Nate said. "She listens to all kinds of music. She likes a lot of older music, old R&B music. I love old R&B records."

Nate said he's too focused on his career to think about walking down the aisle, but he promised that when he does tie the knot, he won't have to look far to find somebody to sing at his nuptial ceremony.

"When I do get married, I'm gonna sing to my wife," he told. "If a woman makes me fall in love, I've got to sing to her."

Nate was getting ready to sing up a storm on Thursday in L.A. He was finishing up the last two tracks for his upcoming self-titled album.

"I'll be finished with it by the end of next week," Nate said. "I went and revamped a few things. I got Dre [producing] a couple of them and 50 Cent on one. I got the opportunity to put them on, so I postponed it. You got to have them kind of cats on there. Hopefully [the song with 50] will be a dance record or something real aggressive. Dre is doing the beat right now, so once that’s done we'll be on it."

Nate also spent part of last weekend with the Shady/Aftermath crew. He shot scenes for 50's "21 Questions" video, and Dre co-directed.

"We was just sitting there doing the time," Nate said of his role as an inmate in the clip. "It's visiting day and your girl comes, and you ask her can she be down. You gotta do the time, but you ask her can she stay down with you. I just performed, I didn't do too much acting. 50 got [roughed] up a few times in the video. The po'-po gaffled him up."

In addition to Dre and 50, Nate wrangled Trick Daddy for one of the newest additions to his album.

"It's about my favorite homegirl, Mary," Nate said. "It's pretty cool. I always sneak a marijuana song on my album. It was cool. [Trick] busts real smooth on that track."

Besides his LP, Nate said he and Dr. Dre did some rough recordings for the Doc's Detox LP, and he's hoping for the 213 album to be out by Christmas (see [article id="1459110"]"Snoop Dogg Plans Album, Movie With Warren G, Nate Dogg"[/article]). That LP also features his best friends Snoop Dogg and Warren G. The trio are currently fielding offers from record companies to release the long-talked-about project.

Last year, before going back to the drawing board, Nate announced Snoop, Eve, Redman, Hi-Tek, Lil' Mo, Fabolous, Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Timbaland, Ms. Jade, Xzibit and DJ Quik were among the people he worked with on his record.

"I'm trying to do a song with everybody before I'm gone, [to] be the first person in the world to do a song with everybody," Nate said, laughing. "I got like two more people left -- Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan."