The 'Man of Steel' Trailer Remade With Superman Cartoon Footage

The newest "Man of Steel" trailer came out a mere six days ago. It's longer than most trailers, clocking in at a little over three minutes. It's a great trailer in that it's revealing without spoiling anything, it's supremely detailed, and it definitely couldn't be remade just using clips from "Superman: The Animated Series," especially in less than a week.

And then just when you think you've underestimated the internet for the final time, someone remakes the newest "Man of Steel" trailer just using clips from "Superman: the Animated Series" in less than a week. And get this: It's completely smooth. It fits like a tight Superman costume glove, because of course it does and nothing surprises us anymore.

To give you an idea of just how smoothly the two trailers run with each other, we've embedded the actual "Man of Steel" trailer below for you to click at the exact same time, "Wizard of Oz"/"Dark Side of the Moon" style. Only by watching both simultaneously can you fully appreciate the anonymous internet video editor, there to leap tall buildings in a single bound/rescue us from submerged school buses/anonymously video edit cool things.

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