DNCE’s Video Proves Having ‘Cake By The Ocean’ Is Really Messy

But also really fun.

Having cake by the ocean is actually not a piece of's actually pretty messy.

Joe Jonas' new band, DNCE, released their new video for "Cake By The Ocean," and it's an all out cake fight that takes place, you guessed it, by the ocean.

The video, which marks Joe's girlfriend and model, Gigi Hadid's, co-directorial debut, takes us to a sunny beach in California, where the first ever DNCE international cake fight is going down.

DNCE- Joe, Joo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless- perform their song in front of a giant piece of cake on the beach. Soon, a bunch of bikini clad women who are "Team DNCE" lather up and get their cake fighting faces on as they meet their competition: the Fat Jewish.

The entertainer and the girls each throw frosting at each other in an effort to become the "cake fight champion," but as it turns out, everyone is a winner, as the scene becomes one giant beach party.

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The band are set to release their very first EP, SWAAY, on October 23.