Ciara's 'Got Me Good' Video Should Leave Fans 'Feeling Good': Watch Now!

'Today was nothing but dancing and dancing and more dancing,' singer tells MTV News from the video's set.

What better way to ring in your birthday than release a music video?

In honor of her 27th birthday on Thursday (October 25), Ciara gave her fans a present, premiering the visuals for "Got Me Good," the second music video from her upcoming album, [article id="1694584"]One Woman Army.[/article] And the R&B singer is looking fabulous for her big day.

We caught up with Ciara on the [article id="1695991"]set of "Got Me Good,"[/article] and we were overwhelmed by her booty-shakin' skills. The "Goodies" singer even included Michael Jackson's signature crotch-grab as she tore through the desert in a midriff-bearing, all-white getup.

"Today was nothing but dancing and dancing and more dancing and a little bit of driving in my Jeep as well," Ciara told MTV News on set.

However, the singer had to overcome a few minor obstacles to get those moves looking so flawless. "It was really hot -- like burning hot. It was different, and I've never driven the way that I did in the video with [director] Joseph [Kahn] shooting the way that he did, and that was also really fun, and it made it feel very special."

But if Ciara was having any difficulties, it's not apparent in the video for the uptempo track.

"I just want people walking away feeling good," she said. "When they hear this song, I want them to be inspired and motivated to dance and be free and to love."

One Woman Army, Ciara's fifth studio album, will hit stores early next year.

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