What Was Schoolboy Q's 'Prescription' For Quitting Drugs?

Schoolboy Q breaks down his 'Oxymoron' track 'Prescription/Oxymoron' during a visit to 'RapFix Live.'

Schoolboy Q's third album Oxymoron arrives on February 25, and on the track "Prescription/Oxymoron," you'll hear the TDE artist open up about his struggle with drugs. Don't worry too much though, because during his visit to "RapFix Live" on Wednesday (February 19), Q revealed that he nixed the habit just as quickly as he picked it up.

"Prescription/Oxymoron," finds Q rapping about a gaggle of drugs including prescription codeine syrup and Xanax, but it didn't take too long for him to realize that he needed a change. When asked how he managed to battle the addiction, his response was simple: "Just stop."

"I grew up in a different era, I didn't grow up in the '70s and '60s where people where really really got hooked on drugs," he explained to host Sway Calloway. "People my age, they get hooked on drugs, but not in the way back in the days used to be. We all know what we're getting into before we do it now. It's like gangbanging -- it's getting smaller and smaller, because we know the outcome of it."

"So, with drugs I feel like everybody's just dabbling, then getting rid of it and leaving it alone," he added. "That was just kinda what I did. I was dabbling with it, I liked it, it really got a hold of me to where I knew what I was doing, then I just had to pump my brakes, like this is not cool. And I just stopped."

Though it might not be so simple for everyone else to kick the habit, you've got to give props to Q for his willpower.

Pre-order Oxymoron on iTunes now, or purchase it on February 25.

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