Is The 'Are You The One?' Baby A Boy Or A Girl?

Amber and Ethan found out what they’re having during a bash with their former housemates.

Ethan and Amber found everlasting love during their unforgettable adventure on "Are You the One?" and thanks to their sweet success story, the original crew is getting ready to welcome a brand-new addition to the clan.

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That's right -- there's a baby on board, and in order to celebrate the couple's impending arrival, the entire "AYTO" gang gathered in Los Angeles for a shower that did double-time as the "Are You the One? Special Delivery" reunion. Because let's not forget, this bundle of joy is going to quickly become acquainted with a bunch of fun-loving aunts and uncles -- sans truth booth and match-up ceremonies.

But on to the first order of business: the baby's gender. Like most future parents, Amber and Ethan had different preferences: The papa-to-be wanted a boy because in his opinion, they "don't ever really grow up" and are hence easier to raise; the soon-to-be mom expressed her desire for a mini-me.

So is it a boy or a girl? After welcoming their admittedly "crazy family" with open arms, Amber and Ethan settled into a pool party/gender-reveal bash to finally find out what the stork will be bringing. Armed with bottles of champagne, gifts galore and plenty of cheer, the duo opened a big box featuring a bunch of balloons that revealed the answer:

That's right, folks, it's a girl! The emotional couple tearfully embraced after learning the news, with Ethan declaring, "I know it's going to be daddy's little girl, and I know that Amber is so excited to raise a little princess." Too precious.

And speaking of Ethan and Amber's daughter, here's what we think she'll look like, courtesy of some high-tech internet software that specializes in mixing DNA:


A cutie pie indeed -- and one who won't get anywhere near the "AYTO" house if her parents have any say in the matter.

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