New Dr. Dre Song 'Kush' Leaks Online

Snoop Dogg, Akon featured on track, which may appear on Dre's long-awaited 'Detox' album.

[article id="1651072"]Eminem recently revealed[/article] that he's been busy in the studio working on tracks for mentor [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist]'s long-anticipated album, Detox. The mythical unicorn of hip-hop albums, which reportedly will be Dre's rap swan song, has been on and off the radar for more than seven years, with expected release dates coming and going on an annual basis.

On Monday, fans got what could be a preview of the finished product, as yet another track leaked, this one titled "Kush." The tune, which features Dre's original protégé, [artist id="1133"]Snoop Dogg[/artist], as well as singer [artist id="1240040"]Akon[/artist], is rumored to be Detox's first single. In addition, a clip for the song directed by renowned music-video maven Joseph Kahn could be released before year's end, according to

The song has a classic thumping Dre beat, with the good Dr. opening up the proceedings with some buzzed-out rhymes about burning down some chronic with his pals -- a subject near and dear to his heart. The track kicks off with a slow-rolling opening hook, as an electronically altered voice sings, "Roll up, wait a minute/ Let me put some kush up in it." Dre then joins, rapping, "Now it's that puff, puff pass sh--/ Cheech and Chong grass sh--/ Blunts to the head, kush spillin' no mattress/ Speedboat traffic, bitches automatic."

With an ominous keyboard riff riding above the spare rhythm, Akon comes in for some woozy lyrics on the hook, which contains the helpful instructions, "inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale." When the hook comes back around mid-song, it sounds like fellow super-producer Timbaland is manning the vocals, switching up the lyrics to "hold up, wait a minute/ let me put some beats up in it."

Then it's Snoop's turn, and the Doggfather digs into his favorite subject with relish: "N---as say smoke me out, yeah I really doubt it/ I'm Bob Marley reincarnated, so faded," he boasts before the song fades out in a haze of staccato piano and a reprise of the "inhale, exhale" refrain.

Dre was angered in June when an unmastered version of another tune from the Detox sessions, [article id="1641742"]titled "Under Pressure"[/article] and featuring Jay-Z, was leaked.

"I didn't get a chance to finish the record, the vocals are real rough, it's not blended right and there's not even a hook on the song," [article id="1642529"]Dre complained[/article] at the time. "It's not done, the music's not done, it's just one of those things we have to deal with today in this business because of technology and all of that. It's real easy for somebody to steal your sh--, so what can you do?" He later said the song would not make the final cut.

A spokesperson for Dre could not be reached for comment at press time to confirm whether "Kush" would be the first single from the album or if Detox would see release in 2010.