Colbie Caillat Isn't Sure Paula Abdul Is Leaving 'American Idol'

Singer/songwriter says judge offered contestants 'that little boost of confidence.'

Perhaps working on [article id="1619439"]her new album Breakthrough[/article] with Kara DioGuardi means [artist id="2575099"]Colbie Caillat[/artist] has some sort of insider scoop on what's happening with the judging musical chairs on "American Idol." Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on Caillat's part.

"I'm not sure that Paula's really leaving," she told MTV News of [article id="1617611"]Abdul's surprise exit[/article] from the show earlier this month. "I know everyone's saying that."

The singer/songwriter said she thinks [artist id="1397"]Abdul[/artist] played an important role on the show by helping the contestants build up confidence when they needed it most. "Paula may have been too nice to them, but she also would tell them the great things about them," Caillat said. "And people need that when their hearts are being shattered. They need that little boost of confidence."

But Caillat is also a big fan of DioGuardi's judging on the show. "I, of course, watched last season, 'cause she was on it, and I think she's amazing. She really tells people how it is," she said. "She'll be nice to them and tell them the good things, the good qualities about them, but then she'll be real with them. And I think that people need that."

So with a slew of celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry and Joe Jonas joining Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and DioGuardi at the judges' table, would Caillat be down for a guest-judging gig? "I would totally guest judge," she said. "For sure."

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