Tom Hiddleston And Jessica Chastain Will Make You Feel Really Uncomfortable At Their Party

This party has EVERYTHING.

As you're about to learn, there ain't no party like a "Crimson Peak" party, because a "Crimson Peak" party leaves you covered in kisses, tears and hugs from a man in a fetish suit. Oh, and it also really highlights Tom Hiddleston's emotional vulnerability.

In the latest edition of After Hours, MTV News' Josh Horowitz finds himself at a very exclusive "Crimson Peak" celebration with Hiddleston and co-star Jessica Chastain, and things get totally weird. As it turns out, Hiddleston has a lot of feelings, just like the rest of us, and Chastain will go to any lengths to protect his delicate, tender little bird heart.

Check out what happens when you RSVP yes to that wax-sealed invite to the "Crimson Peak" party in the video above.

"Crimson Peak" is in theaters now.

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