Diddy Puts Finishing Touches On Day26's New Album

'That's why Diddy is Diddy and that's why we're Day26,' Brian Andrews says of his boss' input on 'Forever in a Day.'

[url id=""]Day26[/url] weren't too pleased when their boss, Diddy, came in at the last minute to tinker with the band's album, Forever in a Day -- after all, they were almost finished.

"It wasn't really much room left, not much time left to do anything," Robert Curry told MTV News. "The few changes that he did make ... of course we were already sold on what we had initially, so we didn't like the few changes that were made. But most of them ... a lot of them were very good for the album and, um, he didn't say anything for the rest of the album, so we had to give up something."

But looking back at what Diddy told the guys to adjust, they see why he has become such a successful music mogul. "As far as song selection, there were a couple of songs on the record that we felt like should have really been on the record," Brian Andrews said. "But now that I listen back to the entire album I see why he made the choices that he made. And it makes a lot of sense and really rounds the whole album off. So, um, that's why Diddy is Diddy and that's why we're Day26."

But the guys are quick to point out they didn't make the changes at the drop of a hat. In fact, Will Taylor describes the recording process for Forever as a "battle." "When we went in, we thought we knew we had had it," he explained. "We were like, 'This is it, please don't touch it.' But he came in and he was like, 'Nah playboy, I'm touching this, this and this, and I'm going to replace it with this.' "