Will 'NSYNC Go All Backstreet Boys On Us? Lance Says Yes, Joey's Less Sure

In the meantime, both are keeping busy with other projects.

With the Backstreet Boys, um, back, many may be wondering how much longer we'll have to wait to see 'NSYNC reunited. The answer has been a "definite maybe," but with Justin Timberlake in the studio working on his next solo album, the rumors of his departure from the boy band have been swirling.

"Yeah, he's done, and he'll never do it ever again!" Joey Fatone joked. "No, I mean, who knows. People try and put words in people's mouths."

Fatone keeps in touch with Timberlake, but he's vague when asked about the chances of 'NSYNC reuniting. "There may be a possibility that we will get a bug up our butts one day and say, 'Hey, let's do it again,' " he said. "Honestly, you never know. To try and get all five of us back together is a pain in the ass.

"We didn't split up because everyone hated each other," he added. "It was just, we did it for about seven years straight, let's take a break and see if anything else sticks and then we'll come back maybe later on."

For his part, Lance Bass is more optimistic about a reunion, seeing the Backstreet Boys' recent comeback as a good sign (see [article id="1503120"]"Backstreet Boys Say Comeback Single 'Incomplete' Chose Them"[/article]). "We will never be done -- it's just one of those breaks where we have to go do other things, especially Justin," Bass said, citing Timberlake's projects in music and film (see [article id="1499995"]"Timberlake's Co-Star Praises Him, Denounces Hollywood"[/article]).

"It might be five years from now, it might be a year from now, but we will definitely do some more music," he added. "I love that the Backstreet Boys have come back out now and kind of lost that boy-band image. I love the new song, and it gives us hope and inspiration we will have a new album."

Until that happens, Fatone and Bass have been keeping busy, Fatone with fatherhood (daughter Brianna is 4 years old), Broadway musicals ("Rent," "Little Shop of Horrors") and auditions for film and television roles. His comedy album is also still in the works (see [article id="1472570"]"Joey Fatone Going After Creed On Comedy Album"[/article]) and has even led him in other directions musically.

"I wanted to start doing some of the comedy stuff, so I recorded some tracks," he said. "Then a friend of mine gave me this song, and it was really good -- a little funny, but it was obviously more musical. I did a couple demo songs with him, and now I'm shopping it around to see if anyone wants to pick it up." Fatone describes the funky pop tunes as "kinda Smash Mouth-ish" and says working on the music was fun, even if it isn't his main focus at the moment. "Right now it's kind of my side thing," he said. "I'm still trying to do more on the acting."

Bass has also been involved in film, via his Bacon and Eggs production company. In addition to lending his production help, Bass has a cameo in the upcoming Amanda Bynes comedy "Lovewrecked," which co-stars Jamie-Lynn DiScala and is directed by Randal Kleiser ("Grease"). "I am Cell Phone Dan, the rock star's assistant," Bass said of his bit part. "It's a little turn, but it's funny. I get to wear all kinds of fun crap." Bass says he and Fatone may be involved with some work on the small screen as well.

One thing fans should not expect is a Lance Bass solo album. "I will never do a solo project," he said. "I hate singing solo. I'm a bass singer, so that wouldn't be a nice album anyway, unless you're Randy Travis. I love singing and performing, but with people. I just don't like going out there by myself."

Since his pursuit of outer space hasn't taken off (see [article id="1492191"]" 'NSYNC's Lance Bass Still Looking To Blast Off"[/article]), Bass has found himself leading a relatively normal life for awhile and misses being on the road. "I grew up on the road," he said. "It's just fun to be with the guys and tour and sing. But it's a good break right now. I'm young enough where hopefully it will just go in stages in my life of music, road, movies, TV. Hopefully an evolution will go along with it."