Is J.K. Rowling Building Her Own Personal Hogwarts?

She's going full Hagrid on this one.

If you can't actually be a wizard (it would appear that science is still working on that one), the next best thing is slowly building up a wizarding empire all around yourself.

That appears to be what "Harry Potter" scribe J.K. Rowling is doing, considering paperwork filed stating her intentions to build an undeniably Hagrid-like hut on the edge of the Edinburgh property on which her castle sits. Oh, oh, oh yeah, didn't we mention? Rowling lives in a mansion that's basically a castle. She bought it in 2001. We repeat: she lives in a castle and is famous for writing books that take place in a magical castle. Just. Saying. (Also, if we'd written "Harry Potter" we'd totally buy ourselves a castle and declare ourselves queens of everything, so no shade.)

And now she's using that "Fantastic Beasts" paper to build her very own Hagrid hut, it would appear.

Yes, the Telegraph nabbed a request to build on Rowling's property, describing a "circular structure, open to the front, with a stone bench and slate roof."

Hagger? Is that you? Rock cakes for everyone!