'Inception' Stars Weigh In On Sequel Potential At Hollywood Premiere

Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Lucas Haas and Dileep Rao share their thoughts on the movie's last scene.

HOLLYWOOD -- "Inception" is shaping up to be the moviegoing event of the summer. The sci-fi thriller written and directed by [article id="1643507"]"The Dark Knight" maestro Christopher Nolan[/article] has dazzled critics and whipped expectant audiences into a frenzy before its release on Friday. But one aspect that has sparked heated debate is the particularly dubious last scene. On the red carpet of the film's L.A. premiere, MTV News asked the film's stars to weigh in on that compelling final moment -- as well as whether an "Inception 2" is a possibility.

The film's leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio, deftly dodged revealing any particular stance on the issue. "I have my own specific take on that final scene," DiCaprio told MTV News, leaving his opinion out of the public debate, adding instead that he hopes the viewers make up their minds for themselves. "This is an interesting movie, because I really believe people can extract what they want from this film and interpret that in a lot of different ways. I think that's something that doesn't come from the Hollywood studio system very often nowadays. Oftentimes, I get scripts that came to me recycled from other ones. Chris [Nolan] pulled off something pretty ambitious, pretty existential, pretty cerebral and daring with this movie, and I jumped on the opportunity to do it and work with him."

Cillian Murphy wished to remain neutral about the last scene. "Oh, I wouldn't want to give an opinion on that," he said, and of the possibility of a sequel, he added, "I don't have the authority to speak on that."

Lucas Haas proved to be far more forthcoming. "My take? I think it's real," he said, which, despite its seemingly vague wording, is a definitive stance to the debate about that last scene. And is there room for a sequel? "Of course," Haas said. "I think definitely."

Dileep Rao offered further insight, advising viewers to pay attention to the scene in an unusual way. "You know what, I'll just say this: Use your ears not your eyes."

As far as a sequel goes, Rao deferred to Nolan. "That's up to Chris," he said. "If we're talking about dreams, couldn't anything happen?"

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