First Look At The 'Black Panther' Motion Comic!

Earlier this year, I raved about the musical intro to the "Black Panther" animated series that was set to air outside the U.S. back in January. While I'm not entirely certain what happened to the series — or even if it aired — it looks like it will finally be coming to the U.S. this month in the form of a new, 12-episode animated motion comic.

And it still looks pretty cool. Check it out:

"Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther?" will be available for download on iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation Network and various other formats June 23, and it features the same cast of voice actors that impressed the heck out of me back when I initially freaked out about it.

Djimon Hounsou voices T'Challa, Kerry Washington plays Princess Shuri, and Stan Lee is General Wallace, among other casting that covers a wide range of characters — including the X-Men. Oh, and did I mention that the series will feature appearances by Klaw and... (wait for it...) Batroc the Leaper? Let's all bow our heads for a moment and thank the powers that be for an animated Batroc.

The animated series is inspired by Reginald Hudlin's celebrated run on the "Black Panther" comics, and if everything I've mentioned here isn't enough to impress you, than maybe you didn't see the part in the trailer where Juggernaut fights a rhinoceros. (Not The Rhino, but a rhino.)

"Black Panther: Who Is Black Panther?" debuts June 23, with new episodes arriving weekly.

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