Katy Perry Rips The Road On A Chopper In 'Harleys In Hawaii'

This video is a Red Bull can's fever dream

Have you ever been sleeping in the back of a car and get rudely awakened by the monstrous roar of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? You open your eyes and see the driver sneering at you through your tinted window, chuckling at your interrupted slumber. Katy Perry's new song and video for "Harleys In Hawaii" caters to these riders and sticks its middle finger up to anyone who has a problem with them. It's good, bellowing fun full of motorcycle jackets, views of a beautiful countryside, and, of course, gruff and scruffy beards.

"Harleys In Hawaii" starts with this familiar grumbling. Katy's slashing up the countryside on this mechanical monster with her crew riding behind her. They pull up to a bar where members of her collective fight behind her while she sips a drink out of a nice cup. She's not all about the drama though because just a few moments late, she's lounging on the beach with her bearded, chopper-riding lover.

It's nirvana for her. She has more fun in a hotel room with some hula-hooping friends while they smash guitars and eat spicy snacks. The video is like an urban fantasy of what a Red Bull can wants to be when it grows up.

Katy released "Small Talk" in August, co-written by Charlie Puth (who also co-wrote "Harleys In Hawaii"). Earlier this year, she dropped a heartbreak-curing video for "Never Really Over."

Watch Perry hop on a bike and rip the road in "Harleys In Hawaii" up above.

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