Did 'Carter' Break Sister Code -- And Every Other Rule On Earth -- By Sleeping With Max?

She knew Taylor is still in love with the long-haired hunk but did the deed anyway.

A case of sibling rivalry is about to explode on "Finding Carter." No, make that a case of sibling WARFARE.

On tonight's episode, Carter moved on from Crash (hey, he's off in the army) and hooked up with someone we all know and love. Problem is, it's also someone Taylor knows and loves. Like, REALLY loves. That's right, folks: Carter slept with Max!

The former paramours (from waaay back in the day) rekindled some romance after Carter's emotional visit with Lori ended in a tear-filled ride home; when Max tried to comfort her, the moment turned romantical and led to a moonlit romp in the back of his flat-bed truck. So, after the hookup, did they lay underneath the stars and bask in the afterglow? Not exactly.

"How the hell did I let this happen?" Carter asked out loud. "I hate myself."

"Don't go there," Max said. "It was a bad move, but you're not alone in this. I was there too."

But Carter knew someone else was there as well, in the form of one really big elephant in the room: Looming over the entire rendezvous was the thought of Taylor, the Wilson offspring who'd once developed such an adorable relationship with Max that we christened them Maxlor. Ahh, memories: It all began with a game of Seven Minutes In Heaven and turned into true-blue love when Tay swiped her V-card with the long-haired hunk. But their romance was rocky: bullet wounds are a downer, and they tended to break up and make up as often as Miley and Patrick. As of last night's episode, in fact, the on-again off-again couple were decidedly off. Still, Carter knew Maxlor weren't really, truly dunzo.


"You love Taylor -- I know you do," she told Max. "And whether or not she's willing to admit it right now, I know she loves you too."

As if Carter didn't already have enough guilt, Taylor inadvertently provided an extra helping when her wayward sib arrived home that night. During a conversation in the kitchen, Tay apologized for not supporting Carter's decision to visit Lori and, in effect, not having her back.

"It's girl code -- it's sister code. And I broke it," she said.

And that obviously wasn't the only sister code broken that night. So let's break this down, shall we? On one hand, it looks like Carter really screwed up and has every reason to feel guilty. After all, it's obvious Tay still holds a torch for Max -- so much so, we were sure Maxlor would reunite any day now. And what kind of girl sleeps with the man her sister loves?

On the other hand, Taylor and Max weren't together anymore. Heck, Tay had even moved on to Ofe for a brief (and pill-filled) moment. And isn't all fair in love and war? Or is that just something people say when they want to steal someone else's piece and not look like the bad guy?

Take our poll, then explain your choice in the comments -- and get ready for next week's "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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