Nas Tells Fabolous: Don't Close 'Loso's Way 2' Without Me

'I'm just waiting on the God Nas to give me that text,' Fab tells MTV News about his planned collabo with the 'Life Is Good' MC.

No doubt about it, Fabolous and Nas are two respected rap titans who get credit for their street material as well as their commercial efforts. So when they come together on Fab's upcoming Loso's Way 2, we'd imagine rap fans will be in for a treat.

"Me and Nas haven't gotten in the studio yet. We've bumped into each other a few times, and he told me don't close the project without him," Loso told MTV News on Sunday on the set with Chris Brown for their [article id="1703490"]"Ready" video[/article]. "So I'm just waiting on the God Nas to give me that text and be like, 'Yo, I'm ready.' "

Back in January, [article id="1701061"]Fab first expressed[/article] interest in working with the Life Is Good MC, and in the past two months, there seems to have been further talks, though the collaboration hasn't happened just yet.

"One thing about me and Nas is we're two people who are very passionate about what we say and what we represent," he told us at the top of the year.

So far, Fab has worked with Future, Young Jeezy, Ne-Yo, John Legend, Rick Ross and, of course, Chris Brown on "Ready." Features aside, the Brooklyn lyricist continues to message that Loso's Way 2 will be his most mature album to date. "I feel like I'm evolving as an artist, as a man, as a father. Through evolving, I want to show that in the music, I want to talk about it," he said. "My fans have evolved and have grown and gotten older too, so I think we may not have the same issues, but we might have some of the same issues.

"We might be relatable in some of the things that we're going through now in an older state, so I want to talk about some of those things as well," he added.

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