Ke$ha Promises No Jazz On Her New Album

'I wouldn't say 'mature,' because that sounds boring,' Ke$ha says about the sound of her next record.

Ke$ha's Animal album was just released in January, but that doesn't mean she's not already thinking ahead to her next album, even if it's royally screwing up her sleep schedule.

"I'm always writing and kind of thinking of the next step. I'm still executing this record properly onstage, but the next record is definitely on my mind, and potentially in the works soon," she told MTV News on Monday at the [article id="1644961"]Casio "Shock the World" party[/article] in New York. "I was just in Tokyo and I couldn't sleep. I woke up at four in the morning, and I had this idea -- [for] the whole video and the track and the song and who I wanted to collaborate with -- so I spent like seven hours making a really horrible beat on 'Garage Band' and singing and rapping into my computer."

Hmmm ... that doesn't sound very [article id="1645018"]country[/article] to us. Still, on her new songs, Ke$ha is looking to push the envelope a tad, which means that she's trying to move away from her hard-partying ways. Sort of.

"I write all my own music, so [the album is] going to be honest," she said. "And I definitely am not just laying around Los Angeles getting drunk with my friends anymore, so it'll definitely be a little different subject matter, but it will still be fun and honest. I'm not done being crazy."

And while it's still really early in the process, Ke$ha's got plenty of ideas floating around for her new album ... and she's already got a pretty solid sense of how the album won't sound.

"I wouldn't say 'mature,' because that sounds boring, that sounds like a jazz record, and that's not going to happen," she laughed. "You'll hear about different things on it. I think there's a great pop song in anything."

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