‘Happy Sad Confused,’ With Allison Williams And Dan Stevens

Allison Williams talks 'Get Out,' and Dan Stevens talks playing the Beast

On this week’s “Happy Sad Confused,” we find Allison Williams in crisis. The final season of Girls, the show that launched her career, is airing right now; her new (and first!) film, Get Out, is opening in theaters this week; and she’s not doing well with the news that Monopoly is doing away with the thimble.

So yeah, not exactly earth-shattering, disturbing developments, but still, Allison is ready to let loose in this episode, from her unlikely obsession with Pearl Harbor (and Josh Hartnett), to her fear of ventriloquist dummies, to why she can’t bring herself to watch the Beauty and the Beast trailer.

Speaking of the forthcoming Disney flick, Josh welcomes the Beast himself, Dan Stevens, on this episode as well. Dan reflects on Downton Abbey, the show that launched his career; the way his Downtown character was initially written out of the show; his new critically acclaimed FX show, Legion; and why he felt like “a crash test hippo on stilts” making his new movie.

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