This Ohio State Psychology Class Hilariously Uses Rappers In Test Questions

Rick Ross, Chief Keef, Migos and Riff Raff all make appearances.

Hip-hop being taught in the classroom is not a particularly new phenomenon. There are hip-hop studies classes, some that focus on writing and production, and you can even minor in hip-hop culture at the University of Arizona. But this is something else entirely.

In a psychology course at Ohio State University, the professor (or maybe TA) seems to have decided to use rappers as part of their teaching approach. They inserted MCs names into questions related to the material, making them both entertaining and -- at least for me, with little background in psychology -- utterly confusing. But also amazing.

A student in the class posted some pictures of the lesson on Twitter.

So, what are we dealing with here?

Well, Waka stepped in poison ivy, and Lil B can't see his haters -- but why?

ohio state psychology hip hop 3

Then there's Quavo, one third of Migos, who did an experiment -- but something went wrong, because the Institutional Review Board might not approve the study.

And we all know Riff Raff can hear colors and shapes, but how?

ohio state psychology hip hop 1

When Rick Ross doesn't want to think about his weight, but instead subconsciously thinks about it more, what do we call that?

And what about Chief Keef and his crew, who each take different drugs. Who will have withdrawals?

ohio state psychology hip hop 2

I don't know the answer to any of these questions, but with word problems like these, I'd be down to take this class. Wonder what the final exam is going to look like.

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