Miley Cyrus Wears Her Love Of 'The Simpsons' On Her Sleeve—You Can, Too

Hey hey, kids! Guess who Miley Cyrus is wearing now? We'll give you a hint: They fight, they bite, they bite and fight, and now, they appear on Miley's clothes.

The answer, of course, is Itchy and Scratchy. Inspired by Matt Groening's homicidal mouse and the tomcat he constantly eviscerates, Drop Dead has developed a boutique Itchy & Scratchy Show collection in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products featuring iconic Simpsons characters. The range includes everything from hoodies and T-shirts to leggings and even a weekender travel bag.

Drop Dead


As for Miley's outfit? You can cop that right now. The Roses Are Red, Violence Is Due hoodie will set you back about 98 bones.

Drop Dead


And the matching Roses Are Red, Violence Is Due jogging bottoms retail for $65

Both pieces come in a dusty coral orange, which should hide a multitude of Krusty Burger food stains. For more Simpsons gear, be sure to check out Drop Dead's website.

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