These Baby 'Game Of Thrones' Pics Remind Us How Much We Miss Arya And Sansa Together

Take us back to Season 1, please

TV powerhouse sisters and real-life BFFs Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have accumulated myriad adorkable pics over the years. And when the younger of the two Game of Thrones heroines asked the internet on Monday (January 16) to send her some bb photos of the duo, she got way more than she bargained for.

For starters, there's this gem

And this fetus Stark pic from Season 1

Look at little Bran and (R.I.P.) Rickon!

There's one of them pulling a Snow White and smiling while cleaning

And one featuring their ~killer~ fashion sense

Though Turner's missing from this photo, baby Arya and baby Bran are still slaying

Will they ever reunite on the show?

More importantly, will Arya and Sansa ever reunite?!

Of course, some fans decided to be sassy and share "older" pics of the duo, such as one of Scooby-Doo's leading ladies

Jackie Burkhart and Donna Pinciotti from That ’70s Show also made the cut. One brunette and one redhead? Nailed it.

Four minutes after Williams asked for pics, she tweeted, "What have I done." Naturally, Turner was super confused about the whole ordeal, asking Williams, "What's happening right now lol. Why am I seeing all these photos hahaha." The internet's response to Turner's query? Tweet out even more pics until Twitter is overrun with Game of Thrones nostalgia. Well done.