Jennifer Lawrence Can't Play Nice With Emma Watson In Epic Photobomb

That's our girl.

Jennifer Lawrence is taking her photo-crashing game from "bomb" to "palm" in some new snaps from the Christian Dior Haute Couture show in Paris Monday (July 7).

Apparently, the "Hunger Games" star hit up the show with Emma Watson during Paris Fashion Week today and posed all nice and pretty for a slew of photos -- until Lawrence, like a cat, got bored and batted Watson in the face.

Looks like the "Harry Potter" actress could file some sort of class-action suit with Taylor Swift at this point charging Lawrence with Grand Photo Messer-upper-rey. (That's a thing, I promise.) Lawrence famously monster-faced her way into an otherwise gorgeous snap of Swift at the "Golden Globes."

Never change, J-Law -- and please steer clear of our selfies.

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