Could FKA Twigs Help Finally Bring Back JNCO Jeans?

FKA Twigs is a woman of many looks, but one common thread throughout her wardrobe is that she loves big billowy pants. We're not talking about your standard wide-leg silhouette either.


FKA Twigs

For Twigs, the more engulfing the pant, the better. Since she made her FADER debut cover, Twigs has kept finding new ways to wear the silhouette.

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FKA Twigs

When she played Pitchfork Festival over the summer, she opted for a pair with a collage print and a matching top.

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FKA Twigs

Last month, she stepped up her oversized pant game even more with a pair that were slit at the sides and had a denim print.

And over the weekend, she fully committed to the denim look, in a pair of baggy cuffed jeans she wore while on a walk with Robert Pattinson.

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[image src="wp-attachment://1986304" title="jnco-jeans" alt="jnco-jeans"]

With every new pair of billowy pants, Twigs' look has progressively transformed into a modern take on JNCO jeans, the '90s trend loved by suburban slackers (and likewise hated by their moms) that was the last hoorah in the baggy pants decade. But seeing as all things '90s have been coming back—shower slides, Coogie sweaters, Birkenstocks, chokers—could JNCO jeans be the next in line for a revival? If one person could single-handedly make that happen, it'd be FKA Twigs.