'The Last Song' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Read up on Miley Cyrus' 'edgy' new role before you hit the theater.

Last summer, [movieperson id="441942"]Miley Cyrus[/movieperson] and her "Last Song" crew, including Greg Kinnear and real-life beau [movieperson id="1086152"]Liam Hemsworth[/movieperson], headed to Tybee Island, Georgia, to film the new Nicholas Sparks flick "The Last Song," set for release on Wednesday (March 31). In the film, Cyrus plays rebellious teen Ronnie, with a gift for music that she inherited from her dad, played by Kinnear. While spending a summer with her estranged father, Ronnie learns a lot about herself, her family and falling in love.

This is poised to be Cyrus' breakout film, and could also make Hemsworth a household name. Here's everything you need to know about the movie before hitting the theater on Wednesday.

It Was Written for Cyrus

"The Last Song" was written especially with Cyrus in mind by "The Notebook" scribe Nicholas Sparks. Cyrus was especially flattered, as she is a fan of Sparks' take on romance. "I think he does romance in such a cool way," [article id="1634829"]Cyrus said[/article]. "He does it like 'Romeo and Juliet,' a pure love story without going melodramatic and corny. It's just romantic, and it's almost like a fairy tale, but it has reality to it."

Hemsworth and Cyrus Have Great Chemistry

As the couple filmed their scenes, their love bloomed and rumors of their relationship began to spread. Their real-life chemistry translated easily to the big screen. So, are they nervous to share their first kisses with the theater-going public? "Not really," Hemsworth said. "I'm really proud of the movie and I hope people enjoy it."

Kinnear Is Old Enough to Be a Dad

Kinnear is still having a hard time dealing with the fact that he is old enough to parent a teenager. "I'm still wrestling with the fact that [Cyrus was] 16 years old [when 'Song' was shot last summer], and that constitutes her young enough to play my daughter," [article id="1633489"]he joked[/article]. "These are things I'm struggling with."

Miley and Ronnie Had Music in Common

It was Ronnie's love of music that Cyrus related to when accepting the role, and she even learned to play piano for the part. "[I related to her] mostly through the love of music. Mostly what she learns later is all about love and forgiveness and second chances -- you know, in the career I'm in I have to do that a lot," [article id="1634992"]she said[/article]. "There's no room for grudges and bitterness. She learns that later it's all about love and the people around you. And I think it's really beautifully done the way she has that transition and learns."

This Isn't 'Hannah Montana'

Calling [article id="1632802"]her work in the flick "edgy,"[/article] Cyrus said that is the direction she hopes to go in for future film roles. "I think it's really important to look for roles that are challenging," she said. "But also something that you relate to and something that really captures your heart."

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