U.K. Band Rixton Are Getting Over 'Lifetime Of Broken Hearts' On Their New EP

'It's basically a lifetime of broken hearts and desperation of love," drummer Lewi Morgan told MTV News of their latest single.

Sure, they caught your attention with their catchy, silly parody video [article id="1720697"]"Make Out,"[/article] but U.K. band Rixton have a whole lot more to offer.

The foursome, who gained fame on YouTube with covers of songs by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, are now [article id="1720950"] MTV's Artist to Watch[/article] and on Tuesday (March 18), they released their EP Me and My Broken Heart in the U.S.

It's out! Our debut EP #MeAndMyBrokenHeart is now available in the US, Canada & Mexico! Let us know what you think x &mdash"

— Rixton Official (@RixtonOfficial) March 18, 2014

Hooking up with super-producer Benny Blanco, the four-song EP shows off the band's soulful, playful and funky vibe, which could easily be compared to Maroon 5. The standout tracks of the EP have to go to "Hotel Ceiling," a heartfelt ballad that was co-written by fellow Brit Ed Sheeran, and their first official single, "Me and My Broken Heart."

"It's basically a lifetime of broken hearts and desperation of love," drummer Lewi Morgan told MTV News.

Lead singer Jake Roche added, "It was a song that we heard straight away and we fell in love with it, and it's got a cool vibe to it."

The record also sets the tone for what's in store for this up-and-coming group, who are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming debut album. The group revealed their album, which is 90 percent completed and will drop later this year, will "take you on a bit of a journey."

"The album itself is really eclectic. There is a song on there for everyone," Morgan said, with Roche adding, "Like my mom will love it and my nan ... I think that's just because we are related."

The boys are currently embattled in some fierce competition as they are one of the 64 bands competing in MTV's Musical March Madness. The group currently has the lead over the Black Keys in the first round of the tournament. But listen up, fans: You better get voting because the group has promised to release a brand-new video if they make it to round 2!

If we make it to round 2, we'll release a special video just for you.. x

— Rixton Official (@RixtonOfficial) March 17, 2014

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