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Lindsay Lohan's 'Oprah' Interview: 6 Things We Learned

MTV News rounds up everything we learned from the Lohan's 'Oprah's Next Chapter' interview.

When Lindsay Lohan sat down with Oprah Winfrey Sunday during an episode of [article id="1711778"]"Oprah's Next Chapter,"[/article] the [article id="1711537"]recently rehabbed[/article] 27-year-old addressed everything from her dalliances with drugsto her relationship with her family.

The interview served as the latest stop on [article id="1711907"]Lohan's comeback tour[/article], as well as the table-setter for her forthcoming OWN network docu-series, set to air on the network in 2014. MTV News has rounded up the six things we learned about Lohan from the interview.

Coming Clean

Lohan confided to Oprah that she's addicted to alcohol, but has tried other drugs including Adderall, Ambien and cocaine. "Yeah, [I'm an addict]. Alcohol, that in the past, was a gateway to other things," she said, "I really haven't done [cocaine] more than 10 or 15 times. I've done it like 10 or 15 times. No, it never felt good the next day. It was a party thing. I snorted it. I never injected anything other than get B12 shots. It went hand in hand with drinking."

Her Parents Aren't To Blame

Lohan said she never felt like her parents took advantage of her or her fame. And she takes complete responsibility for her mistakes. "I hate what a bad rap people give my parents, because they're just parents, really, at the end of the day," she said. "I don't blame anyone for my mistakes."

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But at another point during the interview, she did note "I grew up in a very chaotic home. Unfortunately I waited too long to face it, I think, so it was a comfortable chaos for me."

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

She has become what Oprah called the "poster child" for what happens when kid stars can't transition to adult stardom. But, she says she resents that perception. "I hate that. I hate that label and that title. That's not what I ever aspired to be," she said. "As long as I stay honest with myself and do the work I'm willing to do then there's nothing that can stand in my way of that. I'm my own worst enemy."

Sixth Time's A Charm

Lohan has been to rehab six times, and spent some time behind bars (which she says she welcomed on her road to finding "peace"). But, she says this last rehab stint feels different. "I need to shut up and listen. In this case I wasn't fighting at all. My best idea has not worked for me in the past," she said. "I came into it really willing, really craving more spirituality, really open and ready to get really honest. I was always guarded."

She added, "All I can do is live in each moment. I don't have control over tomorrow. I think just learning how to ground myself. I don't need to go to outside things or outsider places or substances to feel anything. It's all here."

She's Itching To Get Back On Set

The starlet has been making strides towards working again, having appeared on [article id="1711841"]"Chelsea Lately,"[/article] starred in [article id="1711764"]"The Canyons"[/article] and booked a gig on [article id="1712382"]"Eastbound & Down."[/article] She noted she is currently only on vitamins and Nexium for her acid reflux problem.

"I really want to be on set. That feeds me... I've lived so many lives in one lifetime at this point and it's not interesting to me anymore," she explained of looking to put the "whirlwind of garbage around myself" behind her.

She Knows It Won't Be Easy

"To get the thing that makes me the happiness my whole life, which is just to work hard," she told Oprah of what she really is aiming for these days. Though she knows it won't be easy. "I have to regain the trust of people in my career and I fully respect that."