Jordin Sparks Longs To Be 'Perfect' And 'Flawless' In Her Sultry New Jam, '11:11 (Wish)'

Jordin Sparks makes a wish at '11:11'

Our "11:11" wish? To look like Jordin Sparks.

R&B/pop goddess Jordin Sparks might not be dropping a full-length album anytime soon (booooo), but that doesn't mean she isn't keeping her fans happy by feeding them a musical morsel every now and then.

That's right: When she's not making pajama party cameos in her boyfriend Jason Derulo's "Marry Me" video, J.Speezy has been cooking up some sultry tunes of her own! This past August, Jords dropped "Skipping A Beat," and now she's stripping things down with "11:11 (Wish)," a minimal, slinky, sexy ballad about making a wish when that palindromic time of day rolls around.

Listen to Jordin Sparks' "11:11 (Wish)" after the jump.

Produced by Salaam Remi, "11:11 (Wish)" takes a step back from Jordin's usual ornate, sugary-sweet pop vibe (see: "Battlefield"). Unadorned and subtle, "11:11" showcases a softer, more mature side of Jordin's traditionally booming vocals. As a slinky beat, electronic accents, and light keys play in the background, Jordin softly coos: "I wish I was perfect enough for you, I wish I was flawless just like you."

UMMMM, PARDON?? Pretty sure we wish we were flawless like YOU, Jordin. Flawless COMME TOI!

Listen to Jordin Sparks' "11:11 (Wish)."

Photo credit: RCA

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