'Teen Wolf' Poll: Should Scott Give Hayden The Bite?

It may be the only thing that can save her life.

We admit it — we're not the biggest Scott McCall fans right now.

Before you judge, hear us out. For starters, Monday night's episode of "Teen Wolf" was a hard pill to swallow — Scott and Stiles are on the verge of a bestie breakup, the Dreads continue to conduct chimera "science experiments" left and right, and the new kid is about as two-faced as they come. We get it: Theo purposefully gave Scott false information, so naturally the Alpha is going to be a bit skeptical as to Stiles' involvement in Donovan's death. But Sciles have been BFFs for how long? Have a little loyalty, McCall!

Then there's the issue with Hayden. If he wants to maintain his true Alpha status, Scott can't go around biting innocent people... but if it will actually save Hayden's life, we say that's a different story. Liam loves her. Deputy Clark loves her. We love her. And with Allison Argent long gone (RIP) and Kira suddenly MIA, we're due for another female character to admire on "Teen Wolf." The sophomore has officially been dubbed a failed experiment by the evil MDs and is beginning to bleed silver goo, so becoming a werewolf would be her only chance. Nevertheless, Scott has refused to give her the bite. WTF?!? Sigh.


Take our poll and tell us what you think Scott should do, then head to the comments and explain your choice. And get ready for the EPIC summer finale of "Teen Wolf" this Monday at 10/9c!

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