Did Drake Make Migos 'Mad' By Copping Their Flow?

After Drizzy's 'The Language' sounded a bit like 'Versace,' MTV News had to ask how the rap trio felt about it.

Migos have been riding high all summer, thanks to their breakout single "Versace." A catchy hook here and a guest Drake verse there, and viola, you have one of the strongest rap singles of the year.

"Versace" was so hot that it spawned a number of unauthorized remixes from the likes of Papoose, Tyga and Meek Mill, and it even influenced Drake's Nothing Was the Same LP.

On "The Language," a NWTS stand-out, the Young Money star employed a multi-syllabic flow similar to the one popularized by Migos on "Versace."

"We influenced a lot of rappers man," Quavo told MTV News when he and TakeOff walked the carpet to the BET 2013 Hip Hop Awards pre-tape in Atlanta on Saturday. "It's a different type of delivery, so if everybody want to use it, we ain't mad. We ain't haters bro, we ain't stopping nobody from gettin' money."

Back in July, Migos told New York's DJ Self that they expected to appear on Drake's album, but when the LP was released on September 24, they weren't on it. "He just sent us some songs he wanted to work on. We didn't know if it was for the album or not, we were just working," Quavo told us.

On Monday, the Georgia-based rap trio dropped the long-awaited "Versace" video, but Drizzy didn't appear in the Gabriel Hart clip. In the video, both TakeOff and Quavo (the group's third member OffSet is currently incarcerated) stroll around a lavish mansion in Greco-inspired clothing. Drizzy may have missed the shoot, but Donatella Versace, the brand's current chief designer made a cameo. "I feel like Donatella acknowledged us a good bit," Quavo said.

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