Fabolous Announces 'Young OG' Album, But What About 'Loso's Way 2'?

The Brooklyn rapper is at work on multiple projects.

Fabolous gave MTV News details about his upcoming Lose's Way 2 when we spoke with him last month, dishing on collabs with Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. But he's also at work on another project.

"I think, with the fact you're doing your Young OG project, and everything around it is going to be derivative of your '90s time, I think some brand should get smart enough to say, 'We wanna do something that partners with the Young OG project,'" DJ Clark Kent said during an episode of Complex's sneaker-themed video series "Quickstrike," which featured Fab as a guest.

"Maybe they didn't know," Loso said, acknowledging that this was the first mention of the project, before adding, "This is, kind of, very early. I haven't even told anybody about that yet."

What he has told us about, though, is Loso's Way 2 -- and specifically an upcoming single with Chris Brown.

“What’s crazy about the record is it steered the direction of where the project is gonna go,” he said. “I think it’s definitely gonna coast the end of the summer out.”

Summer's winding down. We're ready when you are, Fab.