Tori Kelly's 'Paper Hearts' Video Is Drowning Us In Feels

Watch Tori Kelly's new video for "Paper Hearts."

Tori Kelly's "Paper Hearts" is beautiful! BRB, weeping. 

We've been buzzing about MTV Artist To Watch Tori Kelly since 2012, but by far one of our fave Stan moments was her House Of Blues Sunset set in January. Remember when she slayed our souls with "Dear No One" then raised our adrenaline with a surprise "Right There" duet with Ariana Grande?

Well, brace yourself for even more feels thanks to Tori's new video for "Paper Hearts," a track off of her Foreword EP. Fair warning, though: You'll probs need a box or three of tissues to get this breakup anthem's clip.

The video melds two tales: The first is of Tori and her presumed BF enjoying carnivals and quiet walks on train tracks. No tears there, unless you're crying over Tori's cashmere-soft vocals and gentle guitar-strumming. (Oh wait, you are.)

Too bad these are just memories of a failed love swimming through Tori's mind as she eyes a bunch of old Polaroids! Cue the tears, but at least Tori's boo has some fancy, interpretive dancing to perfectly capture the pain, frustration, and sadness we're vicariously feeling.

Sorry (not sorry) for all the heavy! On the brighter side, we've at least learned a new way to break up with someone when you can't find the words: DANCE IT OUT!

+ Watch Tori Kelly's "Paper Hearts" video, and see Tori perform "Paper Hearts" at "Artist To Watch Live."

Photo credit: Capital Records