That Drake-Kanye Collab Album We All Want Will Soon Become A Reality

The friends and collaborators are at it again for a project that's 'coming up soon'

Turns out that billboard wasn't just a joint love letter to Calabasas: Drake and Kanye West are putting their heads together for a huge collaboration, and we may get to hear it sooner rather than later.

West has had a very big week in New York: His Saint Pablo tour drew a star-studded crowd to Madison Square Garden, and his presentation of Yeezy Season 4 on Wednesday (September 7) can be live-streamed here. Before his first MSG show, he sat down with Vogue and answered a few questions, including one regarding that giant billboard emblazoned with the logos of his and Drizzy's labels a few days back.

“We’re just working on music, working on a bunch of music together, just having fun going into the studio,” West told Vogue, keeping mum on the forthcoming record's release date. “We’re working on an album, so there’s some exciting things coming up soon.”

The bulk of the feature was, as one would expect from Vogue, Yeezy/fashion-centric: West detailed his dedication to his line, his goals for its expansion, and the latest additions to the range of apparel, including Yeezy for kids (“We’ve had to make all these clothes from scratch for North and for Saint, and in the process it was just inevitable that we make kids’ clothes") and the growing sprawl of his shops ("I want to do 200 stores in the next year").

The two rappers have packed schedules between their respective tours, so who knows when the Drake-Kanye (Dranye? Kanrake? Saint Aublo?) project will see the light of day. Tours end eventually, though, so for the time being, all Drake and Kanye stans will have their eyes turned toward Calabasas.

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