Star Spotting: Does This #tbt Photo Capture Beyonce And Jay Z's Fateful First Meeting?

Does this photo of Beyonce and Jay Z at the Guggenheim's 2000 Giorgio Armani Exhibition capture the couple's fateful first meeting?

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm planning to drop a surprise album in 2013."

More Throwback Thursday? MOAR THROWBACK THURSDAY! I mean, we feel like it's our civic duty to bring you guys this #tbt photo from October 2000 that may or may not depict Beyoncé and Jay Z's very first getting-to-know-you moment!

OMFG! Could this picture taken at a party celebrating the opening of the Guggenheim Museum's Giorgio Armani Exhibition really be it?! We feel like we've stumbled upon the Holy Grail here! BRB, sipping from our cup till it runneth over!

While we definitely can't confirm for sure, our theory does match the romantic timeline Jay detailed in his Vanity Fair October cover interview. He says that he and the "Drunk In Love" singer were "just beginning to try to date each other" in 2001.

"Try to date each other" could very well mean that it took Jay Z and Beyoncé a WHILE to become a steady item together -- as in, a full year after this meetup in 2000! I mean, the "Empire State Of Mind" rapper does look kinda nervous.

Just check out the expressions in the other two Destiny's Child members' eyes! Michelle Williams can only muster a sympathetic, "Aw, bless your heart." Meanwhile, Kelly Rowland's looking away because she just CAN'T with this awkward first date-ness.

Well, however Beyoncé and Jay Z's power couple romance first started, we all know how it ended. #BowDown

Photo credit: Getty Images

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