This Is How Much Spencer Pratt Spent On His Crystal Collection

The ‘Hills’ alum doled out a lottttttttttttt of cash for his precious minerals

When times got tough for Spencer Pratt, the truly unique Hills cast member turned to crystal therapy to help cope with the stress (never forget the forehead press). As it turns out, the precious gems cost the MTV alum a pretty penny — and a whole lot more.

Spencer, along with his wife Heidi Montag, spoke to People about spending nearly the entire fortune that they made from the MTV series. While lots of dough was shelled out for luxurious items and occasions — Heidi’s designer clothes, expensive dinners with $3,000 bottles of wine, to name just two examples — Stephanie Pratt’s brother doled out plenty of cash on his wide-ranging crystal collection.

How much exactly? Up to $1 million. Well, one trusting stone did calm him down during the unforgettable Hills scene below, so no regrets — right, Spence?

Are you surprised to hear this grand sum was spent on crystals? Share your thoughts and favorite Speidi memories in the comments!

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