Naked Bikers Photobombed A Couple’s Wedding Shoot And They're Pretty Chill About It

Newlyweds Blair and Ross can't wait to explain this to their kids.

You would think a bunch of naked strangers photobombing your wedding pictures would be a bad thing. For newlyweds Blair Delson and Ross Cohen, it was quite the opposite.

Philadelphia lovebirds Delson and Cohen got married this past Saturday in the city -- the same day as the 7th annual Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride. The resulting photos have a lot more skin in them than your average outdoor wedding shoot.

Joseph Gidjunis / JPG Photography


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Their photographer, Joseph Gidjunis of JPG Photography, even warned them this could happen when the couple told him the wedding date, as this has happened before in the city of brotherly love. According to Gidjunis, the couple "thought it'd actually be pretty hilarious if they happened to come across them." Pretty chill, Blair and Ross. ?

"When couples aren’t afraid to go non-traditional, the creativity is unleashed," Gidjunis says on his blog. "I love my job, because I get to work with awesome, daring, brave, and sometimes downright wacky people, who share our vision for great moments."

Joseph Gidjunis / JPG Photography


And how did the bikers react to being part of a new family's cherished memories? "When the bikers saw our couple running toward them, the bikers started cheering for Blair and Ross. " Gidjunis told MTV News. "It was great seeing the bikers energy and friendliness for making a moment extra special."

Joseph Gidjunis / JPG Photography


Joseph Gidjunis / JPG Photography


Joseph Gidjunis / JPG Photography


Joseph Gidjunis / JPG Photography


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