Did You Catch The 'Atlanta Robbin' Season' Teaser During The Golden Globes?

Move too fast, Live too fast

It is officially Atlanta season. Last night (January 7), the first trailer for the show's second season was aired during The Golden Globes. Set to Sonder's "Too Fast," the trailer sees Earn, Alfred, and Darius transitioning from various locales as a spotlight illuminates their actions. The group transitions between sitting in a diner, at a nightclub, and on a car.

Last week, FX announced the show is premiering on March 1, and will be titled Atlanta Robbin' SeasonBillboard reports that Robbin' Season's structure is based off a popular 90s cartoon.

"We just went into this like, ‘Why are we going to do season 2? Everybody does season 2,’" said Donald Glover. "And in the writers room, we talked a lot about How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Tiny Toons — which was a show we all really liked — and that was kind of the inspiration for season 2."

Stephen Glover, a writer on the show further elaborated on the concept.

"They would play them during the summer together and we kind of took that idea — a whole story but being told in a bunch of different parts," said Stephen. "You enjoy them more when they’re all together but you can also enjoy them in little bits."