Listen Up You Bedwetters: Diarrhea Planet Want You To Rock Harder

Try to top inflatable donuts -- if you can.

So... I'm not just saying this because I'm a huge garage rock/punk fan, but Diarrhea Planet just basically won Hangout Fest 2014 thus far. Three words: "Crowdsurfing on donuts." Need I say more?

Friday, we issued an unofficial challenge to the boys from Nashville to best Black Lips, their Southern garage rock counterparts, when it came to delivering a hot and spicy, crazy show in Alabama.

And, dudes, did they deliver. Not that the Black Lips were not amazing and wonderful and brimming with joyful menace -- it's just hard to beat inflatable donuts.

So how did a band of guys with the most uncomfortable-to-utter name in music manage to throw a serious gauntlet down in front of the rest of the fest participants?

After busting out blazing singles like "Separations" and "Babyhead," they tossed a whole mess of Homer Simpson-esque inflatable donuts (read: pink and gnawed-on) into the crowd and urged the assemblage: "Let's see some people crowd-surfing on donuts."

The flower-crowned, tattoo'd, sunburned masses obliged, and soon the sea of flesh abutting the stage was transformed into a literal sea, replete with reclining fans floating by on a wave composed of hands and trust.

Just take a look at these snaps and try not to be jealous:

Oh, and the dudes also encouraged the denizens of the crowd to download Tinder and find some quick love ("We gotta turn this sh-- into the Olympic Village!" they shouted. "You have three minutes to crowd-surf your way into a Tinder match!"), and shredded through a cover of OutKast's "Hey Ya!" in honor of the band's reunion and upcoming Hangout appearance.

Looks like the dudes took our challenge to heart. Hell, they even shouted it out on stage!

After the fans shambled away, licking their wounds with smiles plastered on their faces, I caught up with frontman Jordan Smith and asked him to pass the torch: i.e., to implore the rest of bands set to perform to best the aforementioned melee.

Check out his call to action below.

I'll be keeping my eyes on the various and sundry stages here at Hangout to see if anyone steps up to the proverbial plate: