Straight People Try (And Fail) To Decipher What Gay Slang Words Mean

Know what a 'gold star' gay is? How about a 'platinum' gay?

Turns out if you're a girl who really likes pillows, that doesn't quite make you a "pillow princess" -- according to gay slang.

On Wednesday, Sept. 30, Bustle uploaded a video asking straight people if they could guess what ten different gay and lesbian slang terms mean. Spoiler: Most of them had ~absolutely~ no idea what any of the words actually meant.

After some truly funny guesses for words like "fruit fly," "gal pals" and "unicorn" -- which has nothing to do with sex toys, everyone -- Logo's JR Tungol and Morgan Nelson cut in to define each term and provide some context.

As for being a "pillow princess," as Nelson says, "her head stays on the pillow ... you can fill in the blanks." If you can't fill them in, let Tungol and Nelson do that for you (some of which contain strong language, JSYK).

Watch the full, slightly NSFW video below.

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