Taylor Swift Slams Brainless 'Evil Pop' (But Which Singers Is She Calling Out?)

These feelings seem a little too strong to be general...

Taylor Swift has never been one to hold back when she has a strong opinion, which is part of what makes her so fearless. She's a strong woman who's unafraid to call things like she sees them, and her latest target? "Evil pop."

Now that she's officially steered her songwriting car into the pop star lane, Taylor has a few road blocks she wants to avoid, and in the process she might be calling some other pop stars out.

In conversation with her writing partner and friend Jack Antonoff of Bleachers, Taylor opens up about how frustrating it can be to have a bit of a song stuck in your head and feel no emotional connection to it, or have no real sense of why it sticks with you.

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She calls these kinds of brainless "oohs" or "ahhhs" evil pop, and she makes it very clear that this is not the kind of music she wants to make. Ever. Like ever.

"We wanted to keep this pop clean and good and right," Taylor emphasized. "And if it's stuck in your head I want you to know what the song is about as well."

These comments definitely feel like they're addressing someone specific -- could these be more shots at Taylor's possible nemesis, Katy Perry? She already wrote a whole song about her, so clearly Taylor is still having some feelings on the subject.

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Then again, maybe "Bad Blood" gave Taylor some closure, and this is just real talk on the state of the industry? We may never know.

What we do know, though, are the artists Taylor considers on her level when it comes to making smart, clean pop.

"It's what you guys do with fun., it's what you do with Bleachers," she told Antonoff. "It's what Lorde does. You aspire to that smart pop."

So now we know what's on Taylor's iPod. I bet she has some unreleased Lorde songs on there too, and I'm jealous. Maybe they'll team up next to take their respective forms of smart pop to GENIUS level pop? An intelligent girl can only dream.

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