Ja Rule Talks 'Pitch Black' Sequels, Nas Collaborations

Rapper also will appear in film with Steven Seagal and is finishing new LP.

SAN DIEGO -- It looks like Ja Rule will be hearing people yell "Action!" more often than he gets to shout "Murda!"

Everything's going good "with the whole movie thing," Ja said backstage at the Street Scene festival on Sunday. "I'm really getting involved with it. I'm really starting to enjoy it."

And there's plenty to enjoy. First there's "Half Past Dead," which teams Ja with veteran martial-arts action star Steven Seagal, who was last seen alongside a rapper in "Exit Wounds," which featured DMX. "Half Past Dead" is headed for theaters in November, the same month Ja plans on dropping The Last Temptation, the album he's now finishing in a Miami studio (see [article id="1452708"]"Ja Rule Taking It Back To The Streets On The Last Temptation"[/article]).

Then there's "Shades of Color," which Ja wrote, and "The Chronicles of Riddick," a trilogy of sci-fi sequels that Vin Diesel has promised will be to "Pitch Black" what "The Lord of the Rings" was to "The Hobbit" (see [article id="1456373"]"Vin Diesel Ain't Goin' Nowhere: 'Pitch Black,' 'XXX' Sequels In Works"[/article]).

"We haven't seen the scripts and stuff yet, but we should be getting 'em real soon," Ja said. "And me and Vin [have] been talking, so you know, it should be real hot."

Ja and Vin, of course, appeared together in "The Fast and the Furious." Both stars have been able to spin their breakout success from the street-racing drama into more lucrative offers from Hollywood, though "The Fast and the Furious 2" is an offer both have declined.

"Me and Vin talked after he turned it down," Ja explained. "He hollered at me 'cause they still wanted me to do the film and they bumped up my role as a starring role and everything. And you know, we talked about it. I just felt it wasn't the best move for me as far as what I want to do in Hollywood right now."

"I'm really trying to do this acting thing very seriously," he continued. "And you know, sometimes every move is not the right move."

Ja plans on lending his talents to a different sequel, just not on the screen. He's teaming up with Nas for the soundtrack to "Bad Boys 2," the follow-up to the 1995 buddy-cop smash starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence (see [article id="1456163"]" 'Bad Boys 2' Co-Star Gabrielle Union Says Flick Will Be 'Crazy Action' "[/article]). It's the first of many collaborations Ja Rule has planned with Nas.

"We're gearing up to do some things. He's part of Murder Inc.," Ja said (see [article id="1456938"]"Nas Kills The Speculation: 'It's Murder!' "[/article]) "He's still with Columbia -- you can't break contracts. It's just something you can't do, but he's with us right now, we rolling together. He's my man, and we cool and everything's love. So y'all gonna be seeing a lot from us in the future."

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