'War Of The Worlds' Friction: Jenna And Zach Open Up About Their Bumble Battle

On tonight's episode, Amanda finally dropped her 'reunion bombshell'

At the Final Reckoning reunion, Amanda teased a bombshell about her partner Zach. Now, on tonight's War of the Worlds episode, the Are You the One? alum dropped said shocking revelation and caused mayhem in Namibia.

"Zach was on Bumble when we got eliminated," Amanda told Jenna, after the three-time Challenge finalist asked her fellow Veteran to please reveal the supposed jaw-dropper about her boyfriend. "He showed me and Da'Vonne -- ask Da'Vonne," Amanda stated while Zach screamed that she was a "liar."

"I'm pissed off that this was thrown into my face that Zach is on a dating app, and it's really embarrassing because I don't know about it," Jenna admitted in a separate interview. "Everyone's around, and it looks like I don't know what's going on in my relationship."

When Jenna tried to ask Zach about the claim, he grew increasingly upset. They slept on it -- and the following morning, the two spoke. At first, all was calm: Zach confessed he re-downloaded the app during the South Africa adventure to see if it still worked -- but he never swiped or did anything. When he asked if they were still together, Jenna hesitated to answer, so he angrily walked away and threatened to leave the show.


Eventually, she followed him outside, where he repeatedly said he was "done" and that the whole situation was blown "way out of proportion."

"Do you realize the person that I hate constantly gets to embarrass me?" a distraught Jenna asked as her voice cracked. "Do you get that?"

"I didn't cheat on you -- I would never cheat on you," Zach stressed. "That's the honest to god truth. If you can't take that, then you have to make a decision."

Jenna insisted she didn't want this to be the end and added that she trusted her boyfriend. But looking back, how would they describe documenting this difficult experience?

"I was hoping it was going to be a really good season for us -- we both get a lot of anxiety on the show," Jenna revealed to MTV News. "Having our relationship out there is very hard, rather than just going on the show single or your guy being at home. We were in the limelight, and if we fight, everyone knows about it. Everyone chimes in and gives their opinion."

She continued: "Stuff gets blown up. If we were fighting at home, it's a secluded situation. This season was not my best with Zach, unfortunately."

For Zach, the way the disagreement began (with Amanda) wasn't "anything new."

"People are going to attack what they know and care about," he explained. "If they can find a weakness, they're going to attack that, and I think certain types of people play that game. It's a dirty game. It's very cutthroat, and people don't care what they do in order to get a leg up, and you really realize that when you're in a relationship. In real life, there's just certain things you don't do, and in a Challenge, you do those things. You cross those lines."

Will the two successfully move past this situation? And will it impact their respective paths to the title? Give your feedback, then keep watching War of the Worlds on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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