Tokyo Police Club Bust Out The VHS Tapes In Their 9-Minute 'Argentina (Parts I, II, III)' Video

Watch Tokyo Police Club's Argentina (Parts I, II, III)  video.

Tokyo Police Club return with an extra-long, deeply cinematic new video.

Normally when bands release 9-minute songs, I feel the strong urge to raise an eyebrow. (Because who has that kind of attention span? Aside from people who really like listening to Phish?)

But today is not that eyebrow-raising day. Ontario indie-rock outfit Tokyo Police Club, who haven't released an album since 2010, have dropped a 9-minute single and video for a song called "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)."

And yeah, you might say, "9 MINUTES???," but we're happy to report that not only is "Argentina" visually arresting, but the song itself is a thought-provoking piece of dance-pop that sounds more like three cohesive singles strung together than, say, a clunky, self-indulgent mess (as so many overly long songs tend to do).

Watch Tokyo Police Club's "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)" video after the jump.

The lead single on the band's forthcoming album (due out early next year), the Jared Raab-directed clip takes the minimalist approach by only focusing on a retro-looking TV framed by laptops and some lighting equipment.

Over the course of 9 (yes, 9!) minutes, the camera pans up close and moves back while the lyrics to "Argentina" flash across the screen. But this isn't just a simple lyric video. The TV, which looks like it, too, came from the year 1988 (read the lyrics), features an assortment of scenes that cover everything from the first moon landing to what looks like Doppler radar findings to unconnected cable static.

Seriously, you might not think that watching an '80s television set could be much fun (especially when it's not playing "Charles In Charge"), but think again -- we're grabbing some snacks and settling in for a Tokyo Police Club binge-watch.

+ Watch Tokyo Police Club's "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)" video.

Photo credit: Mom + Pop

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