Bop Shop Holiday Edition: Songs From Lizzo, Kylie Minogue, And More

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with festive covers, joyous originals, and naughty hits from your faves

The search for the ever-elusive "bop" is difficult. Playlists and streaming-service recommendations can only do so much. They often leave a lingering question: Are these songs really good, or are they just new?

Enter Bop Shop, a hand-picked selection of songs from the MTV News team. This weekly collection doesn't discriminate by genre and can include anything — it's a snapshot of what's on our minds and what sounds good. We'll keep it fresh with the latest music, but expect a few oldies (but goodies) every once in a while, too. And this week, to toast the holidays, we've gathered a few seasonal songs sure to get you into a festive spirit. 

Get ready: The Bop Shop is now open for business.

Red Velvet, Aespa: “Beautiful Christmas”

What’s better than one SM girl group? How about two SM girl groups? As part of a company-wide collaboration album, K-pop’s rising stars, Aespa, join their seniors, the always elegant Red Velvet. This original holiday composition is a sparkly mid-tempo number perfect for seasonal festivities. Over three minutes of pure joy, the track retains the essence of all your favorite, nostalgic Christmas bops with lyrics referencing classics like “Jingle Bells” and “O Holy Night.” However, it leaves behind some of the kitsch to bring the genre into this century and, hopefully, serve as the soundtrack to new memories. Accompanied by a spirited, all-things-winter music video filled with tree decorating and gift exchanges, as well as flawlessly synchronized chorus choreography, “Beautiful Christmas” is the perfect way to wrap up a truly iconic year for both groups. We hope that 2023 will be an even bigger slay. —Sarina Bhutani

Owl City: “Peppermint Winter”

If you want a waltz-like, electropop holiday bop filled with the magic and whimsical spirit of the festive season, this Owl City track is for you. Though this track is over a decade old, I always play it as one of my top Christmas jams every holiday season. Its mystical synths evoke the wondrous feeling of watching snowflakes fall. Sleigh bell jingling gives way to the childlike excitement you’ll feel from both the pre-chorus and chorus, and it will have you twirling through the driveway: “This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet / I don't need to taste to believe / What's December without Christmas Eve?” Owl City’s Adam Young imbues this track with the thrilling nostalgia of participating in holiday traditions. —Athena Serrano

Kadhja Bonet: “California Holiday”

What’s a better way to spend the holidays than listening to the voice of an angel? Kadhja Bonet has debuted a holiday album primarily featuring revitalized classic covers, though two unique originals will stick with me for years to come. “Little Christmas Tree” has a magnetic and timeless sound, though “California Holiday” feels most like a Kadhja Bonet track with its signature strings and harmonies. Both are heavenly winter finds, yet they’re also extremely bold in their interpretations of isolation in an idealized communal time. I greatly respect how these two releases remind us to be kind and considerate of those without affection and company this season, and they simultaneously give me chills and warm my heart. —Gwyn Cutler

Lizzo: “Someday at Christmas” (Stevie Wonder cover)

Last weekend, Lizzo brought this Stevie Wonder classic to glimmering life on Saturday Night Live, performing in an icy silver-and-gold dress on a stage frozen in white light. The vision was clear: A 1967 song calling for peace on Earth is just as relevant in 2022. Lizzo’s earnest and heartfelt delivery — complete with twinkling glockenspiel to back her up — will make you believe the utopian promise of “Someday at Christmas” is possible. What a powerful gift. —Patrick Hosken

Kylie Minogue, Iggy Pop: “Christmas Wrapping” (The Waitresses cover)

Here’s a scene: It’s mid-December, and all you’ve heard for the past four weeks is sugar-sweet Christmas music. You’ve almost reached your limit. Then the new wave beat of The Waitresses’s “Christmas Wrapping” hits — cutting through the sickly treacle of holiday muzak — and the thought strikes: This song whips big ass. You go digging and find a 2015 Kylie Minogue cover featuring none other than Iggy Pop that dials up the pop factor while retaining its singular strangeness. Another thought strikes: This cover also whips big ass. Merry Christmas indeed. You don’t have to miss this one this year with Kylie and Iggy. —Patrick Hosken

Jai’Len Josey: “A Hoe’s Christmas”

The forgotten story of our favorite fallen angel has finally been told. This single is like those kinky chain texts you get every Christmas but far better because it’s mixed with masterful grace in addition to being relatable and hilarious. Josey takes you on a thrilling sleigh ride with top-notch riffs and runs that rival Beyoncé’s. Some may listen and consider the lyrics sacrilege, but my Jewish self isn’t going to shvitz about it, so enjoy getting laid for the holidays! “I’ve been in the house all week long / The radio’s playing the same Christmas songs / I’m gonna let the North Pole know / I’m tryna be a hoe tonight.” —Gwyn Cutler

Madison Lagares: “The Holidays”

With the help of Avatar actress Bailey Bass’s songwriting, Madison Lagares arrives home for the holidays to celebrate with you. In this chill R&B track, Lagares sings of reuniting with familiar faces, holiday town lights, sweet laughter ringing, and presents being unwrapped. She is eager to document memories filled with love and joy with her loved ones. If you are having a quiet Christmas with your family, this song is perfect for everyone to sing together. It’s just good to be home for the holidays. —Athena Serrano

RuPaul: “Show Me That You Festive”

If you have listened through RuPaul's discography, then you know he's a ho-ho-ho for holiday music. The Supermodel of the World has released three Christmas albums over the course of his music career, and while Ru's upcoming album, Black Butta (out January 6) isn't a full Christmas album, it does contain a holiday song: "Show Me That You Festive." Similar to "My Favorite Holiday," a single first featured on Ru's 2015 release, Sleigh Belles, and then later remixed for his 2108 album, Christmas Party, this bouncy throwback track keeps the fa-la-la-la festivities going and will have you hitting the catwalk this Christmas. —Chris Rudolph

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