Evanescence Lose Bassist; Amy Lee Vows To Stay On Schedule

William Boyd is tired of life on the road, singer Lee reports.

When you've got an album due in just over three months, the last thing you need is a bandmember quitting on you. But that's just what Evanescence bassist William Boyd did last month.

Frontwoman Amy Lee broke the news to the band's fans late Thursday in a post to the Evanescence online message board. "A few weeks ago, Will decided to leave the band," she wrote. "He said that he just can't go through with another huge tour right now, and wants to stay a little closer to his family instead."

Lee said that touring "is hard -- you kind of have to sacrifice your life for it. So we can all understand." She added that Evanescence "love Will very much," and that they collectively wish him "nothing but happiness in everything he does. We've been playing music together since I was in junior high. I miss him already."

Fear not, Lee wrote: The departure won't affect the band beyond the annoyance of searching for and hiring Boyd's replacement. Evanescence's forthcoming album, The Open Door, will still be in stores October 3 (see [article id="1529541"]"Amy Lee Says New Evanescence LP Has More Sensuality"[/article]), and the band's to-be-announced touring plans will not be derailed.

Boyd's exodus is the second in recent years for the band. Back in 2003, one of the Arkansas band's founding members, lead guitarist and principal songwriter Ben Moody, exited midway through Evanescence's European tour (see [article id="1483876"]"Evanescence Soldier On Without Ben Moody, Look Forward To Recording"[/article]). Moody was immediately replaced on the road by former Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo, who suffered a stroke caused by a torn neck artery eight months ago. He was made a permanent band fixture in 2004 (see [article id="1484418"]"Evanescence Name New Guitarist"[/article]).

A spokesperson for the band's label confirmed Boyd's departure Friday morning (July 14).

Check out "Evanescence: The Split" for the story behind Moody's departure.