Who Invented The Term 'Turn Up'? Rocko That's Who!

By Rob Markman

Rocko definitely doesn’t get the credit for all that he does in the game. The Self Made Atlanta rapper broke out in 2008 with his Drumma Boy-produced fan-favorite "Umma Do Me" and since then Rock has made waves on the mixtape scene and unbeknownst to many, helped usher A1/Freebandz rapper Future to the forefront of rap. But there’s something else Rocko’s done that he says has gone unnoticed.

"A lot of the slang people using now, those are my words. 'Turn Up'--that’s my lingo from Swag Season, my first mixtape back in ’07," the "U.O.E.N.O." rapper told MTV News about the popular hip-hop term that’s used by everyone from Future to Trinidad Jame$. "That’s my lingo. The game ran up with it."

Rocko is a bit more humble when it comes to another popular term, but he is sure to acknowledge his own trend-setting ways. "I didn’t invent the word swag, but when it comes down to southern rappers and making a movement, I started that swag movement. I started that," he claimed.

To celebrate all of his inventiveness Rocko plans to release his next mixtape titled Lingo for Dummies on Memorial Day weekend. "Not trying to toot my own horn or nothing, I got a lot to learn a long way to go. I don’t do it for people to praise me," he said. "If somebody say it, somebody use it, I’m flattered."

Who was the first rapper you heard use the term, ‘Turn Up’? Let us know in the comments!