Charli XCX's 'Forever' Video Is Made Out Of Fans' Loving Clips

The singer's new visual travels from house to house

Charli XCX's has released a new video for "Forever" that takes the cake for the coolest thing you'll see today, no matter what you watch. With crowdsourced clips from fans, this trip around the world has so much going on that your brain will spontaneously combust before you finish it. The one thing that stretches throughout each scene is the idea of love.

Charli's futuristic number comes at a time when everyone's in the house socially isolating, so some huge, robotic, and silver video shoot with dozens of extras just wouldn't have been possible. That doesn't stop the singer from traveling though.

Through fan clips, she enters living rooms, balconies, bedrooms, and gardens of random people enjoying life at home. You'll see old iPods and Nintendo Switches, empty desert roads and sleeping pets. The song's about beautiful love so lips continuously come together, both human and animal.

People swim underwater and dance in mismatch socks, all in the name of finding good ways to pass the time. It's a stunning visual feat, the way that everything gets smashed together. Over time, these cuts to different scenes begin to happen more rapidly to the point that you can't really tell where one scene ends and another begins. It's fun to get lost in the love here and take a journey through time and space.

Excited about its release, Charli took to Twitter to thank fans for their input. "This video is made up of your clips of the moments/people/places/things in life you wish to cherish forever," she wrote. "Thank you so much for helping me make this video, it wouldn’t have been possible without you."

Charli released "Forever" earlier this month as the first song from her forthcoming quarantine-made album, How I'm Feeling Now. She recorded the track in just two days. How I'm Feeling Now, which features input from frequent collaborators A.G. Cook and BJ Burton, will be out on May 15. In a self-quarantine diary last month, Charli revealed that the LP will have "a lot of songs about sex and physicality."

Watch Charli's epic new video for "Forever" up above.

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