Zedd And Kehlani Turn A Restaurant Upside Down In 'Good Thing'

These waiters are fed up

Zedd and Kehlani's new collaboration, "Good Thing," is about boldly claiming your positive energy and love for yourself. So, it makes sense that in their video for the jubilant cut, they focus on that moment when you realize just how much that you're worth and cast aside the bullshit. It's an exciting look at what real happiness looks like. And Kehlani is the perfect person to showcase this epic pizazz.

When the video starts off, we're shown Zedd and Kehlani working for a restaurant with a horrible boss. Zedd plays the piano while Kehlani is a server who has to deal with snooty people the entire night, save for one guy, in particular, who is giving her the eye. As the song goes on, Kehlani becomes more fed up with her job before finally walking away from it and doing what she wants. This includes licking someone else's spoon and performing a steamy dance routine with other members of the restaurant's staff who presumably have quit with her. The guy that is interested in her gives her a tip of some crisp $100 bills and shoots his shot, but she declines and takes the money. She doesn't need him. She's got herself.

Zedd and Kehlani dropped "Good Thing" last week. Earlier this year, Zedd released "365" with Katy Perry.

Watch Zedd and Kehlani's video for "Good Thing" up above.

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