Coheed And Cambria Claim MTV's Musical March Madness Trophy

'The trophy certainly reflects the devotion of the fanbase,' frontman Claudio Sanchez says of their victory.

Tuesday (April 13) was a pretty big day for [artist id="1241952"]Coheed and Cambria[/artist]. Not only did their new album, Year of the Black Rainbow, hit stores, they also finally got their hands on the coveted MTV's Musical March Madness Championship Cup, which they won last week after [article id="1635611"]trouncing My Chemical Romance in the title match[/article].

In keeping with the humble streak frontman [article id="1635642"]Claudio Sanchez displayed[/article] when he learned of C&C's triumph (he was busy hosing down his deck and celebrated by playing a game of "God of War 3"), the rest of the band was equally modest when picking up the hardware.

"It's been a really long season of looking at the Internet two or three times a week," bassist Mic Todd joked while hoisting the cup. "No, seriously. ... I've always felt that our fans are really unique in their level of devotion to this band; that's why we're still able to be doing what we're doing. I gotta say, I'm genuinely surprised this happened. It was a really nice surprise. Absolutely couldn't believe it. So this is absolutely due to the fans' perseverance."

"The trophy certainly reflects the devotion of the fanbase. Just how much they want to see us succeed, and it's really important to us," Sanchez added, while clutching the cup. "We'll probably give it to [someone at Coheed fan site] Cobalt [and Calcium], or maybe bring it on tour, so everybody can take a picture with it. It really reflects [the fans'] devotion, and it's their trophy."

Yes, it was a somewhat muted celebration in the MTV Newsroom. No champagne was popped, no streamers cascaded down from the ceiling. There weren't even championship T-shirts printed up to mark the occasion (we knew we forgot something). Still, as Coheed posed for photos with the cup, there was no doubt that they had bested a field of 65 -- and that they were truly the champions.

As all good champions do while in possession of a cup (think the giant silver NHL thing named after Lord Stanley), Coheed plan to take full advantage of its beverage-holding ability.

"Oh, man, I'm going to put beer in this thing, and I'm going to drink out of it, that's for sure," Sanchez laughed.

Go for it, dude. After all, to the victors go the spoils.

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