Jidenna’s ‘Chief Don’t Run’ Video Is As Powerful As Its Message

The ‘Classic Man’ outdoes himself with a razor-sharp look and sharper lyrics

Jidenna's set an exceptionally high bar when it comes to razor-sharp aesthetics and sharper verses, and he offers up both in spades for his latest production, "Chief Don't Run."

Ditching the black, white, and red-all-over vibe of the previously released "Long Live the Chief" visual, the rapper walks through a surreal fictional timeline that weaves between the past and present in full color. The video kicks off with the Classic Man glancing over at a framed photograph of a mother and child. Then it follows Jidenna through this tale of a kid that lived in hooker-filled motels with his single mom through a rags-to-riches transformation into adulthood — and that's where things take a political turn.

Instead of sticking to boasts about yacht trips and wealth, Jidenna pairs the not-so-humble bragging with talks of hang sessions with the Dalai Lama's entourage at the airport, all while dancing and pouring drinks at a lavish party. The next frame has him and a crew of equally well-tailored dudes heading out into the street and happening upon an arrest in progress. We very quickly see that the guy about to get cuffed on the hood of a squad car is Jidenna, and the tone of the track goes from a monologue to a dialogue: "You're dealing with a King, not a Kong out here / You a pawn, but we can get along out here."

Jidenna has been dropping new singles over the course of 2016, though there's no confirmation that a release — an EP, an album, anything — is on the way.

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